Me wiped out in Japan last summer, haha

From an energetic viewpoint, the body’s meridians sync themselves with the meridians of the environment that they are in. Jet lag occurs when you abruptly yank the body from the grid that it’s synced to and throw it onto another.

Here are some tips involving the use of a form of acupressure from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Book:

“1. As soon as you are seated on the plane, identify the current time
and the current time at your destination city.

2. Look at Figure 29. Next to the two-hour time segment that includes
the local time is the name of the meridian that is in its power time
and an acupuncture point. Find this acupuncture point in the

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3. Next to the two-hour time segment that includes the current time
at the destination city is the name of another meridian and
acupuncture point that are in their power time. Find this acupuncture
point in the drawing.

4. With some force, tap both acupuncture points, simultaneously or
in sequence, for about a minute. First tap the points for the current
time and the destination time on one side of your body, then the

5. Repeat every two hours on the next pair of meridians. That is, move
down the list to the next meridian below the original local time and
to the meridian below the original time at the destination city. If
you sleep through the specified time, simply tap the points that
bring you up to date after you awake.

6. If the flight will be eight hours or longer, find the acupuncture
point associated with the anticipated arrival time. For the last four
hours of your flight, tap this point, simultaneously on the left and
right sides of the body, for a minute every hour.”


Bon voyage :) Britta