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The Yogic coaching and sequence customization program is designed to allow you to more fully understand and align yourself with what it is that you need to be doing in order to make your life more harmonic and your yogic practice exponentially more effective and pleasurable.

A consultation process will take place in order to unearth your dosha, temperament, energy flow and to isolate your energetic strengths and weaknesses in the chakras. I will then provide you with an in depth summary of the findings and we can continue email correspondence to clarify any questions.

From this point I will be able to begin to work on designing a personalized practice for you to use alongside a host of other healing modalities (balancing foods, herbs, crystals, and energy healing practices) and will deliver them to you in pdf format. We will then meet for a Skype session where I will lead you through your yogic sequence and will then send you a video of our practice together for you to refer to.

Having specific personal yogic and energetic practices and a customized yoga sequence will take the confusion (and process of trial and error) out of the equation when you embark on your healing and spiritual journey. It will also give you the opportunity to begin true self-practice -That is, you will no longer need to displace your attention outward onto a teacher waiting for them to tell you the next move. In essence, you will have all of the tools that you personally need to start an independent and holistic yogic lifestyle.


“Thank you so much for the thorough consultation and Personalized Sequence! It was really awesome meeting you “live” on Skype too. You emit so much positive vibes and I  feel so happy after working with you!” -Lyudmila Kirilova, Bulgaria

“For someone who isn’t sure of how to start and local classes aren’t an option then this is really the only way that yoga is accessible. I very much appreciate the effort that Brittany went to and all of the feedback that she gave me. She has been brilliant and made it a lot less scary for someone as inflexible as me! Thanks so much for my consultation and sequence!” -Bailey Gair, Hawkes Bay, NZ

What You Will Receive

  • A consultation conducted by email.
  • A one-hour Private Skype Class.
  • A PDF of your personalized yoga sequence with summary, explanation and breakdowns.
  • Recommended balancing foods and natural techniques.
  • A relaxation MP3.
  • A Greater understanding of yoga and your body.
  • Confidence in taking proactive action in initiating a deeply beautiful, private spiritual and physical regime (a true self practice.)
  • An understanding of the yogic techniques that are best suited to your unique mind and body and why.
  • Full access to my knowledge base.


  • $300USD payable via Paypal.

Email me to set up your consultation now!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Yoga is a lifestyle that works for me, which is why I firmly believe in everything that I teach and why I want to share this practice with you. However, if you are unhappy with our work together, no worries, just send me an email and I will refund you ASAP. I want you to be completely risk-free and don’t want you to have 
to stress about if this will work for you or not –so just give it a try! To be quite honest, if you don’t feel that you have benefited from what I have offered you then I don’t want to keep your money. I’m in this for your results.

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