Brittany Trubridge, Britta Trubridge, BTru Yoga,  BTruYoga, Yoga“You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?” -Rumi

Fact: you are magical and you rock. If you think you may have lost touch with this reality then you have come to the right place ;)

My aim is simply to remind you of your greatness by offering you some techniques that are effective in the process of “peeling away the layers” so that you may reconnect with your true and perfect self.

My classes are designed to massage and cleanse your energy channels and rejuvenate and nourish your chakras all while giving your body and mind a healthy challenge through the use of specialized sequences of asanas, pranayama, visualisation, deep relaxation, meditation and energy medicine techniques.

ॐCaribbean Retreats

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Caribbean Yoga Retreats with Britta and William Trubridge are designed to simply take you outside of your comfort zone and rock your world…in a rather luxurious and enjoyable way ;)

There are two types of retreats held, one that is purely yoga + island life based and another that is yoga + freediving based. Of course, all of this is coupled with the beauty and richness of an exotic, remote, Caribbean environment -our home (and home to the World’s deepest saltwater blue hole!), Long Island, Bahamas

ॐ European Workshops and Retreats

BTru Yoga, BTruYoga, Yoga, Brittany Trubridge, Britta Trubridge , B-Tru Yoga

Retreats and workshops are designed to restore the mind, body and soul on both gross and subtle levels by fully immersing the practitioner in yogic practice and teachings. Retreats and Workshops are held in the beauty and richness of an exotic environment. Reiki treatments and Ayurvedic consultation are also available options to add onto any program.

ॐ Yogic Coaching and Customized Sequences (Distance)

BTru Yoga, BTruYoga, Yoga, Brittany Trubridge, Britta Trubridge , B-Tru Yoga

Want to start your Holistic Yogic path but not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place! My Yogic coaching and customized sequencing program uses a synthesis of yoga, Ayurveda, energy medicine and psychology to tailor a practice just for you. Through consultation and a questionnaire designed to unearth your energetic tendencies, I will create you your very own yogic sequence equip with a plethora of healing modalities to integrate alongside it . The yogic coaching and customized sequence process is designed to help you to more fully understand and align yourself with what it is that you need to be doing in order to make your life more harmonic and you practice exponentially more effective and pleasurable. $300usd

ॐ Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions consist of a combination of Reiki, acupressure, crystal and chakra therapies. Sessions last for one hour each and cost $60 per session.

ॐ Private Skype Classes (Distance)

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Skype yoga sessions offer a revolutionary method of practicing yoga by bringing ancient science and modern technology together. I want for you to feel connected, which is why I have set out to work with you interactively. You can choose from a selection of flows that I have created here or get a customized sequence.

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