Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultations consist of the answering of an in depth questionnaire designed to unearth the internal and external constitution of your body. From there I can inform you as to what foods and herbs are best to eat/avoid, the most ideal approach to meditation/yoga, any specific therapies that may be helpful to aid in the cleansing of your body, the type of environment you should try to keep in your home and other natural and energetic healing modalities (such as colors, crystals, aroma therapies and massage) that can be integrated to correct any imbalances in the body. The cost per consultation is $99 usd payable via paypal.

“I’ve known about Ayurveda for a while and one of the things that struck me about it is that it is so much more that just a change in diet. Healthy living is something I truly enjoy and so I was excited to have my consultation done and to learn more about myself and my body…and how I can interact with it for optimal wellness.” -Kiki Spiwak, Belgrade, Serbia, Indigo Creations

“After being fascinated by Britta’s blog and the way she devotedly practices Yoga, I signed up for an Ayurvedic Consultation. She gave me all her attention, and made me feel like my lower back pains were indeed of her concern. She gave me full advice on what Asanas I should do and shouldn’t do, What to eat, and spent time explaining to me what my doshas are and how to perfect my inner balance/ my inner peace. Thank you Britta!” -Lina Konstantinidis, Athens, Greece, http://www.projectmusic.gr/

What You Will Receive

  • An analysis of your unique constitution
  • An extensive list of foods, herbs, climates, gems, colors, aromas, asanas, meditation, helpful mantras, massage techniques, breathing techniques, and other therapies fitted to soothe your constitution or treat your ailment.
  • Unlimited email correspondence relating to your consultation.

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