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The Yogasana Yoga Mats are hand-made in India by master weavers on manual looms using only cotton from preferred mills. They are colored with natural cotton dies and left to dry in the sun. No electrical power is used in the creation of the mat. They work especially beautifully outdoors (and of course indoors) have a 15-year warranty (but will last a lifetime) and are currently the World’s most Eco-friendly yoga mat!

 I own one of each color and I wonder how I ever practiced without them! They bring such an amazing energy to my practice with their natural feel (versus a plastic/rubber mat) and vibrant colors.

There are seven colors total, which each correspond to a natural element. I personally like to use the blue/water mat as it soothes and gives my practice a sense of cooling. I also really enjoy using the brown earth mat, as it bestows a sense of groundedness when I am feeling “uprooted” from excessive travel.

I travel with these mats throughout the summer and take photos with them in new fun places, be sure to check out the photos here and get one for yourself here!